Yellowhead Road and Bridge Group of Companies are dedicated to providing the highest level of service within the communities they hold contracts in. Winter maintenance is the most important aspect of our business as YRB is responsible for some of the largest mountain passes in British Columbia; The Coquihalla, Kootenay Pass, The Paulson/Bonanza, The Bombi, Strawberry and the Okanagan Connector. Throughout the winter season our main activities are:

  • Plowing
  • Abrasive application (Sand)
  • De-icing application (Salt)
  • Anti-icing application (Brine, Calcium, Beet Juice)
  • Avalanche control
  • Ice-blading
  • Compact and slush removal
  • Pedestrian accessed snow removal (Bridge sidewalks, pedestrian accessed intersections)
  • Other related winter maintenance activities
Our goal is to create safe road networks for both commercial and public transportation. Our companies are always innovating, improving, and strategizing to make improvements to their current operational framework.  Advancements in technology, the use of chemical de-icing salts and liquids and other creative tools (ice breakers, tow plows, bare claws) are helping to improve our winter maintenance approach. YRB has been recognized for excellence in road and bridge maintenance 12 times since 2003 and will continue to prioritize the stakeholder, communities, and members of the public throughout the duration of their remaining contracts.

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