Yellowhead Road and Bridge Group of Companies are dedicated to providing the highest level of service within the communities they hold contracts in. Road maintenance refers to the activities that are generally completed in the spring, summer and fall months. Throughout these months our main activities are:

  • Surface maintenance (pothole patching, surface treatment, grading, dust control, gravelling, base repair, sweeping, debris removal and more)
  • Drainage maintenance (ditching, culvert replacements and other related watercourse activities)
  • Roadside maintenance (vegetation control such as mowing, brushing and danger tree removal, litter and graffiti removal and rest area maintenance)
  • Traffic maintenance (sign system maintenance including; installs, replacements, cleaning and traffic management)
  • Network Maintenance (highway safety patrols, incident response and major event response)
Given the minimal amount of time we must complete these works our non-winter season is dedicated to coordinating and executing as many improvements to the existing infrastructure as possible before we begin winter maintenance activities all over again.

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