Yellowhead Road and Bridge Group of Companies were formed to conduct road and bridge maintenance activities as per their contractual obligations with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Over the years there have been opportunities for YRB Operating companies to expand into the construction component of road and bridge maintenance. All of the current YRB Operating companies (Vanderhoof, Fort George, Nicola, Kootenay Boundary and Kootenay) have all participated in large scale road and bridge projects that have provided new and improved infrastructure to the province. The type of construction projects YRB companies have been apart of include: Bridge replacements, culvert/multi-plate replacements, geotechnical stabilizations, horizontal culvert pushes, erosion and scour protection, drilling and blasting, rip rap production and placement, avalanche catchment construction, rock scaling and hammering, large sign installations, new road construction, new bridge construction and various other miscellaneous projects. YRB Group of Companies, specifically YRB Nicola played a large role in repairing the extreme damages suffered to highway 5, highway 8 and highway 1 during the atmospheric river event in November of 2021 that disabled the majority of transportation in the lower mainland for a month.


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