Yellowhead Road and Bridge Group of Companies are dedicated to providing the highest level of service within the communities they hold contracts in. Between our 5 current contracts we are responsible for maintenance of 879 structures which include bridges, large culverts of greater than 3m diameter, retaining walls and tunnels. Bridge Maintenance refers to the activities that are completed to improve and sustain the longevity of the infrastructure. Some of those activities include:

  • Bridge deck repair including patching, crack sealing and welding (concrete, pavement and metal structures)
  • Minor and major bridge re-decking (timber structures)
  • Linseed oil treatment (concrete structures)
  • Replacement and repair of bridge joints, railing, abutments, posts, pilings, bracing, truss rods, floor beams, corbels, and other components.
  • Scour and erosion protection
  • Structure, drain, and flume cleaning.

All our operating companies are fortunate to have strong bridge crews that are able to complete these crucial maintenance activities in the non-winter season. Without these 879 structures our transportation networks would not exist so there is great pride in completing the activities to keep this infrastructure in-tact.

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