YRB Fort George

Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Fort George) Ltd. was formed in 1996 after winning the contract tendered in 1996 to maintain the highways and bridges within the Fort George Contract Area (Service Area #19). A former associated but separate company, Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Prince George) Ltd., maintained the Fort George contract area from October 28, 1988 until October 27, 1991. This now defunct company, along with Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Robson) Ltd. and Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Vanderhoof) Ltd. comprised the original YRB Group of Companies. The current operating company, YRB (Fort George) Ltd., was successful in both bidding on the contract in 1996 and in retaining the maintenance contract re-tendered in 2004. The current contract was renewed on May 24, 2004, extended in 2012, and will expire on May 31, 2019.

The Fort George contract area contains the main cities of Prince George and Mackenzie, as well as the communities and settlements of Stoner, Red Rock, Summit Lake, Bear Lake, McLeod Lake, Giscome, Upper Fraser, Sinclair Mills, Hutton, Longworth, Penny and Dome Creek. YRB (Fort George) has maintenance establishments in Prince George, Bear Lake, Aleza Lake and Slim Creek, as well as a winter-only facility at Tudyah Lake. The Contract area boundaries are located just south of Stoner on Highway 97 to the south, 100 yards north of Mackenzie junction on Highway 97 to the north, Bednesti Lake on Highway 16 to the west and just west of Crescent Spur (Snowshoe Creek) on Highway 16 to the east.

The contract area contains approximately 1,800 kms of road, including portions of Highway 16, 97 and 39, as well as 62 bridges.